Founded In Partnership

A strong belief in a partnership approach is at the center of our business philosophy.

Our partnership approach has served us well over decades of investing, and we believe it distinguishes us as a partner of choice for many first-class management teams looking to transform, grow or improve their businesses.

Founded as One Team

The MDP team consists of over 50 investment professionals. MDP’s 21 Managing Directors have been at the firm for an average of 15 years, and many have worked together since the 1980s.

Strongly Aligned

The MDP team is one of the largest investors in its current investment fund, strongly aligning our interests with those of our limited partners.

Working Together

The long-shared tenure among many of the investment professionals, combined with the firm’s cohesive and inclusive decision making process, partnership approach and single office in Chicago, creates a distinctive culture which we believe has been a significant contributor to our success over the years.

A Powerful Partner

MDP brings nearly 40 years of investment experience and industry relationships to assist company management in growing their businesses.

MDP develops a thesis around value creation in the early stages of reviewing a potential investment opportunity. Each investment has a bespoke path to value creation, but all incorporate examples of both strategic and operational initiatives.

Strategic Guidance

  • Acquisitions
  • Geographic expansion
  • Industry consolidation
  • Business repositioning
  • Organic growth initiatives
  • Shift or broadening of product/service offerings

Operational Initiatives

  • Sales force initiatives
  • Productivity improvements
  • Cost management
  • Pricing optimization
  • Capital efficiency programs
  • Management enhancement
  • Finance, reporting and budgeting enhancements

Industry Advisors

Each MDP sector team works closely with an Industry Advisory Group, representing a valuable resource to our portfolio companies. The five MDP Industry Advisory Groups consist of approximately 60 executives, including prominent company executives and other industry specialists.