Industry Sectors

MDP adopted an industry-focused investment approach more than 40 years ago.

In-Depth Industry Knowledge

Many of the firm’s investment professionals have substantially spent their careers dedicated to a single industry, and have significant experience investing and operating in specific industry sectors. It is this industry specialization and long experience in these sectors that offer key competitive advantages.

  • We are able to leverage a unique set of contacts and relationships
  • We provide in-depth understanding of the key value drivers of a business
  • We have an ability to be targeted, efficient and focused during due diligence
  • We offer a clear plan in developing and executing a value creation strategy

Constructive Collaboration

Partnership is critical. Our combined knowledge, coupled with a broad network of industry contacts, has proven to be critical while management and MDP work together as partners. Our industry teams act as a value-added partner to management throughout the life of the investment. We serve as a source of advice for business decisions in a number of areas where our investment experience is particularly valuable.

  • Develop specific value creation strategies
  • Long-term strategic planning
  • Complicated financial and tax structuring
  • Insight into the capital markets
  • Financings, acquisitions and divestitures